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Complete Follow Up

Regarding following up, MBMNY completes several effective approaches based on the context and your specific goals. Here are some best practices for follow-ups:


  • Promptness: Follow up promptly after an initial interaction. Waiting too long may lead to missed opportunities.
  • Scheduled Reminders: Set reminders or use tools to prompt you for follow-ups.

Medium of Communication:

  • Email: Email is a common and professional way to follow up. Be concise, clear, and polite.
  • Phone Call: If a phone call is appropriate, introduce yourself and remind the recipient of the previous interaction.
  • In-Person: Face-to-face follow-ups can be powerful, especially for building relationships.

Purpose of Follow-Up:

  • Thank You: Express gratitude for a meeting, interview, or assistance.
  • Status Update: Provide updates on a project, order, or request.
  • Next Steps: Clarify what happens next or discuss action items.
  • Check-In: Show interest and maintain connections.

Remember that effective follow-ups demonstrate professionalism, consideration, and genuine interest.

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